Monday, September 15, 2008

Bad Habits Start Early At Our House

Things are back to normal at the Thompson household. Amelia is drinking her daily Diet Coke (kidding) and catching up on all of the latest celebrity gossip in US Weekly. And of course the real measure of whether or not she is feeling like herself is that she is NOT eating. Oh the joys of a 16 month old.
This very stylish cast cover was made by Grandma Nancy. I think she may have found yet another calling with her fantastic sewing abilities. We are not going to let a huge ugly cast keep Amelia from looking cute!

3 Talk to Me:


Cute Pictures! Makes me feel a little better about my diet pepsi that Mason finished off!


Oh I love the cast cover, so cute!! Amelia is so sweet and tell her I love US Weekly too, HA!!


That cast cover is super cute. I'll have to enlist Nancy to make us one because knowing my husbands track record with broken bones I am sure Carter will need one someday.

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