Monday, September 29, 2008

The Latest Fashions Hitting the Runway This Fall

Ok, so maybe that statement is a stretch, but this fall this is what is being worn at our house. But, fashions change quickly, so consider these another trend as they are only going to be around for another 3 weeks!! Whoo hoo!!

And of course, no outfit is complete without an Elmo tattoo on your hand.

4 Talk to Me:


I love them, Cat! They are all so cute. I especially love the picture of Amelia, she looks really sweet.

The McDowells

Only Amelia can make a cast look cute!

You mother-in-law should really sell those covers!


She's adorable!!

Tony and Lindsay

Of course we remember you.....We have thought of you a lot too. I can't beleive we have let this much time go by before getting in touch. I miss you guys, and I miss our guys group. That was just awesome! Love, Tony

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