Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Conglomeration-Part 2

We made the trek to OKC Christmas day. Once again, Amelia had fun seeing all of her cousins. She loaded up on gifts there which have required much assembly much to Brad's chagrin. Thanks Kelly!! We truly have a day care center in our house now. And no, please don't drop off your kids here for free babysitting.

Amelia was sick the entire time we were there, although you can't tell it by the pictures. I am 100% sure that anyone we came in contact with will be getting sick soon. My apologies in advance.

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Poor Amelia! Julie was extremely sick on Christmas Day. Thankfully none of us have gotten it yet (we're keeping our fingers crossed). There's just something about getting sick around the holidays. Mason was sick last year. Hope she is feeling better.

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