Monday, March 23, 2009

Excitement in the Bedroom

Amelia fell out of her crib for the first time tonight. Sure added some excitement to our nighttime routine. It appears no bones were broken, but most importantly piggy is still intact. I asked her if she bumped her head and she continually said yes, although I think she just wanted me to think it was more of a big deal than it was. Needless to say, Brad lowered her mattress. Of course, I am probably going to pull my back out when I try to lift her out of it tomorrow.

2 Talk to Me:


I am dreading that day at our house!!
She just wanted to spice things up a bit for you guys! Always keep you on your toes!


I just had to take the bumper out of Lily's crib today because I caught her using it as a step stool!

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