Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dye-ing to Hunt Eggs

I wasn't really sure if Amelia would get the whole Easter bunny concept this year or not. It took her about 2.2 seconds to figure out that he's a pretty cool dude. We're high rent around here folks--most of her eggs contained money (okay, the most she got was .50 per egg.) She is really into putting spare change into her piggy bank these days. She also really liked hunting the eggs we dyed too.

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I'm so jealous that she smiles so pretty for the camera. She has the prettiest smile and is the perfect little poser! I hope you guys had a good Easter.

Larsen Family

she is so cute. i'm glad you guys had a good Easter. Oh yea...can you leave some of those eggs at my house? I like money! haha. Makenna opened up her plastic eggs and was bummed nothing was inside so she quit looking!

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