Monday, May 18, 2009

Swim Boot Camp Update

Ok, so I have gotten quite a few questions regarding the swim lessons, so let me clarify if I may. The class she is taking is through Infant Swimming Resource. It's a class that teaches your child what to do if they ever fall in the pool. The goal of the program is to prevent drowning. They teach her to float on her back and call for help, flip over for a few seconds to try and find and edge, and then float on her back again.

I don't know why I really have to document all of her goings on of the day. They just need to know if anything changes in her routine so they can be as safe as possible. The apple juice thing I do know. Apple products cause the body to become more buoyant, and buoyancy interferes with their instruction right now.

She had a good class today, and I got there early so I could see 3 kids before her appointment. It really is amazing what these kids can do. It's not cheap, but how can I put a price on keeping her safe?

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Ok, the apple juice thing is complete news to me. I can now say I have officially learned something new!

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