Friday, June 26, 2009

Practical, Smactical

I mentioned that Brad wanted some guns for our anniversary, but I forgot to mention what I might have begged, pleaded, nagged him for for myself. The practicality of both gifts is still up for debate. I truly feel that diamonds are always practical. Who cares if someone breaks into our house and I can't defend myself? At least my ears will look stunning.

Brad took his first gun safety class last night. If I was worried before that he had an ulterior motive for knocking me off, I really should be worried now. He seems to have VERY good aim. I think he secretly covered that up when he was trying to kill all those pesky bunnies who have been chomping on all of our flowers and bushes.

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Larsen Family

haha. i guess we should be afraid of Brad. I hope to never piss him off! haha


Love the earrings! They are gorgeous.


I'm still trying to figure out how Phil was the one that got skipped when it comes to lavishing sparkly jewels on his wife?!?!?! Gorgeous earrings...but the gun, oh brother!! Hehe!! J/K, I actually think it would be fun to take shooting lessons (is that what they're called? Ha!)

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