Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Labor of Love (I Think...)

My mother-in-law might think I am insane if I ask her to make one more thing for my girls. I seriously would have the most boring house if I didn't have her. She has made the most beautiful things for my house--draperies, pillows, bumper pads, dust ruffles. You name it. I feel so blessed that she has this talent and is always willing to make things for us. My mom always told me to marry someone with a tool box, but I really think I hit the jackpot with a mother-in-law who sews! I mean, I can't even sew on a button.

These pictures don't do either of the girls' rooms justice, but for those interested, here they are!

When Brad and I went to Playa in June I wrote Ella's name in the sand. We weren't 100% sure we were having a girl yet.

Amelia will probably be 7 before she can climb out of her bed. It seriously is taller than ours. So, after every nap and in the morning, I hear, "MOMMY!!!!" That translates to, "Get me out of this ginormous thing!"

Brad and I have been enjoying a very quiet weekend being kid-free. We took Amelia to OK to go stay with his parents so we could get some things done and mostly just enjoy not being subjected to Nick Jr. on tv and sleeping in a little. From what I hear, she is having a great time. We thought she needed a vacation before her world is rocked on Tuesday. Maybe I should have gone somewhere too!

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Now you just need to have Papa Gary build her some steps up to her bed! I love the "Ella" picture!! And all the bedding and curtains are beautiful!!

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