Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Girlies

We ventured out to the mall this morning so the girls could have their picture taken with Santa. They looked so cute, if I do say so myselfs (also know as "myself", but that's how Amelia says it.) Ella also had her 2 week appointment and is doing great. Of course one of the first things the pediatrician said was to keep her out of large crowds. Riiiiight, Dr. G. Do you know how long I have been cooped up in my house? Don't you understand that I haven't been able to drive for 2 weeks? Don't you know that all I do is go go go? Every morning Amelia asks me, "What are we doing?" That translates to, "What stores are you dragging me to today so that I can touch everything in sight that you tell me not to?" I digress. Ella weighs a whopping 7.7 pounds and has grown 1/2 an inch. She is still such an easy baby and big sis continues to be enamored by her.

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she is adorable! Yes... very crazy that we saw each other at the hospital! hope you're doing well.

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