Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One Week

Could it possibly be that one week has passed since Ella was born? Thank God that week is over is all I have to say. I could seriously be in commercials for Dulcolax, Mylicon, and multiple other manufacturers of gas relievers. See me if you have the hook up. Last week was the longest week of my life, although it was filled with much thankfulness and joy. Wondering what Ella has been up to?
  • Eating 2 1/2 ounces (!?!) at every feeding
  • Going to sleep pretty much right after she eats
  • Awake times are about 30-45 minutes a day (unless it's the middle of the night, then she wants to party)
  • Not spitting up as much (YAY)

Wondering what Amelia is up to?

  • Loves giving Ella the paci
  • Imitating everything we do (pretending to burp everything, for example)
  • Loves holding her baby sister and feeding her
  • Telling us how much she loves us and her baby sister (spontaneously)

Wondering what mommy is up to?

  • Crying because I know how fast time goes by. Every time I look at Amelia I get all teary because I think this middle of the night feeding, no sleeping business stinks, but then you turn around and they are 2 years old telling you how much they love you.
  • Popping Vicodin like it's candy. Actually, now I've moved on to Tylenol. Sad that I sort of hit my dad up for his Vicodin too. Like I said, I am glad that week is over.

4 Talk to Me:

Larsen Family

she is so beautiful catherine! haha...i thought it said you were pooping vicodin! haha


Catherine, Ella looks so beautiful! I can't wait to see her again on Thursday. Mason and Amelia had a lot of fun tonight. They are so cute together.

Thompson 5

What a GREAT post! I Lalala LOVE her!! Can't wait to see her, again!! And as always my sweet Amelia!!

The Lowe Family

I am a friend of Jennifer Ryan and I just wanted to say your girls are gorgeous! Congratulations on the new beautiful addition to your family!

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