Friday, December 11, 2009

Heaven forbid we own a car that's not American made

So, back in February when my lease was up on my Ford Edge, I was looking for a car that was a little bigger just in case by the sheer miracle of God I got pregnant again. And because I think the Ford Flex is a rectangle on wheels I decided to go with, gasp, a FOREIGN car (see below.) After Brad got over his embarrassment, or so I thought, of having a Japanese car parked in our garage between 2 other Fords, I grew to kind of like my Mazda. Fast forward to 9 months later when we needed to install Ella's car seat. Brad informed me that Ella would not be coming home in a foreign car. I didn't care what she came home in as long as she didn't scream her head off. Needless to say, she came home in Brad's truck and was quiet as a mouse.

I think the Mazda started gnawing at Brad a little. He got a wild hair. Long story short, I am now the owner of an Expedition. Which I love. Which has tons of room. Which is a tank. Which is not foreign but is most importantly a FORD.

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