Friday, February 12, 2010


It snowed all day yesterday. I was unfortunately only able to enjoy it from my bed all day since I was suffering from the plague, AKA the stomach virus. Amelia saw that some neighbors had built a snowman in the front yard but didn't put any eyes on it. She was dying to go out there and complete the job. So today Brad took her out there like a good parent would do. Being that we live in Dallas, we don't really have a lot of warm winter clothes (hence the rain boots and thin cotton knit pants), so after about 20 minutes she was freezing.

No, these aren't weeds. They are day lillies that bloom beginning in the spring and all summer. Just a reminder that spring is right around the corner.

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The McDowells

Cute pictures.

We also lacking in the snow-approiate clothing area. Macy wore socks on her hands yesterday, but she was sure glad to get to go out and play in it.

Hope you are feeling better!

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