Sunday, March 28, 2010


It seems lately I have been missing the days when I didn't have kids. The simplicity. The quiet. Getting to watch what I want on tv. Sleeping in. Sleeping uninterrupted. Less laundry. No spit-up. No diapers. More money. More time for me. More time with Brad. But then if I didn't have these two girls I would have missed the chaos. The loudness. Dora. Cinderella. Snow White. Baby Einstein. Waking up to smiles. Waking up to cries. Stickers for potty training. Tea parties. Playing babies. Ridiculously expensive clothes. Bows. I love my girls...

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Love this post as I couldn't have said it better. I thoroughly enjoyed my Sonya time yesterday, but was glad to my kiddos back.

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