Sunday, April 11, 2010

5 Months

This girl is starting to catch on to my picture taking. I broke out the camera last night to take her monthly pic and she immediately started smiling. I could just eat her! She's such a mess. I mean who spits up and smiles at the same time? Amelia asks me all the time if she's spit up when I say, "Oh, Ella!" I just answer by asking her if the Pope is Catholic. She'll say, "Huh?" I digress...So, this month she has a new nickname, Thunder Thighs, lovingly given to her by her dad. Ella, we love you. Don't take it personally. She rolls from back to tummy all the time and some from her tummy to back. She is putting everything in her mouth, drooling like a fool, and grabbing at things (including, but not limited to Amelia's hair.) She's belly laughed on several occasions, too. Definitely one of my favorite sounds. She is such a happy kid. Brad and I talk about how lucky we are all the time.
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