Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Seem to Have Lost My Baby

I think someone snatched my tiny baby and replaced her with one that sits by herself, eats babyfood, and plays with big girl toys. The nerve! If they could have given me one that didn't spit up, that would've been nice. Oh well! In the past week, we've switched to bigger pacis, bought baby food and sippy cups, and bigger clothes. And I had to dig out more entertaining toys besides ones that she just chews on or lays under.

In 5 days, my tiny baby will be 6 months old. Who am I kidding, she's never been tiny. She weighs almost as much as her sister. There is too much growing up around here. My heart can't take it.

2 Talk to Me:


Ella looks so cute and sweet in those pictures! It makes me want to come squeeze and kiss her. She looks just like Max in the picture where she is sitting up holding the gumball machine. He loves that thing!


We've got to come down for a visit!! I need to get my squeezes in!! And unfortunately the growing never matter how much you tell them to 'quit it!!'

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