Thursday, June 10, 2010


Happy 7 month birthday Ella! You are one step closer to becoming dangerous. You are getting on all 4s and rocking back and forth. You also lunge forward and scoot backwards on your knees. You have your 2 bottom teeth and chew on everything in sight, especially things not meant for chewing. You still screech and when you are really mad, you make a "mmmmm" sound. You hold your own bottle and are eating all kinds of baby food. You sat in the shopping cart for the first time the other day and you loved it! You weigh 6 pounds less than your sister now.

Brad and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary on Saturday, June 5. We spent the week in Playa del Carmen with 2 of our friends and enjoyed the peace and quiet and lack of responsibility. The kids bonded with the grandparents all week, and fortunately both sets are still speaking to us. I think they were pretty whipped from the week. I didn't take very many pictures but will try to get the few I got on here soon.

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