Wednesday, August 11, 2010

9 Months

"Chunkers" is 9 months old!!! I feel like I just wrote her 8 month update. Time flies right? Her check-up today revealed that she is a "big girl" (already knew that, thanks) and that she is doing exactly what she should be doing for her age. She weighs 21.2 pounds and is 28.3 inches long. My arms should seriously be buff from holding her and I definitely "feel the burn" when I hold her for a while. In the past few days, she has gone from 4 bottles to 3 and from 3 naps to 2. So, we are working towards a big girl routine. She loves feeding herself and some days could care less about baby food. She loves crackers of all kinds, cheese, blueberries, bananas, peas, and bread. She even had pizza the other night as well. But let me tell you, she will throw an all out fit for her bottle. I am trying to get her used to the sippy cup because I most definitely refuse to wash one bottle when she hits 12 months. I am so tired of bottles and formula. She's pulling up on everything, getting in to things she shouldn't, and even stood on her own for a few seconds last night. Her favorite word continues to be "dada" but she busts out "mama" frequently too. She loves to torment Amelia (pull her hair) and Amelia dishes it right back, but they are starting to play together which is really sweet. I even caught them holding hands while watching tv yesterday. When I think I can't love her more, she proves me wrong. Happy 9 months chubby girl!

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What a pretty picture! Can't wait to see her in person in a couple of weeks!

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