Thursday, August 5, 2010

Smarty Pants

I'm so proud of my brother. So I'm going to brag now, ok? He found out today he passed his Pathology board exams. He has worked so hard the past several years to get to this point. I'm sure he is relieved and can just sit back and relax now. Riiiiight. He is probably one of the most humble, selfless, intelligent, and caring people I know. Jonathan, I wish I could celebrate with you in person, but I promise I will sing you Amelia's "I'm Proud of You" song when I see you in a few weeks!!!

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That is so sweet, Catherine, and that will mean a lot to him. I have to say that the bragging sounds better coming from you than from me. I would feel like that annoying wife who goes on and on about her husband if I wrote everything that I wanted to about how wonderful Jonathan is. I also have to say that you were the inspiration for the title of my last post:). Give the girls a hug and kiss for me.

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