Thursday, January 6, 2011

Deep Thoughts (AKA The post in which I don't want to spend an hour uploading pics)

I have thoughts, although I don't know how deep they are. So, here goes...

  • Apparently we had Christmas and New Years and I have yet to upload any pictures from said events on my computer. Ok, I'll be honest, I only took pictures at Christmas.
  • My almost 14 month old is eating like a hoss. She's saying a bunch of words. She's getting into everything. She's looking like she's in the "terrible 2s" some days (which is really a lie by the way because the 3s are worse).
  • My 3 year old thinks it's funny to talk about her "girl parts" and refers to them in a term that sounds like the name of "boy parts." Oh my, do I have some educating to do.
  • A high school friend of mine and his wife were killed in a car wreck Christmas Eve. Their 8 month old daughter survived the crash. I am too young to deal with this. I hadn't talked to him in many years, but it still stings. Please pray for their families.
  • Our health insurance could potentially go up 60+ percent a month. Yay Obama.
  • I've put myself on a "spending hiatus" due to the record credit card bill we had last month. So since I've backed down on my spending, I've realized that I am watching waaaaay more tv during the day. I've never stayed at home this much. Window-shopping is not in my vocabulary.
  • I saw an ad for "pajama jeans" today. Really? Those things are hideous. I wouldn't even wear them to bed.

Ok, that's all I've got. I will try to get some pictures up sometime. At least that will keep me from shopping for a few hours.

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Larsen Family

3 words - you are awesome!


I love your random posts...I wish I could post more like that!! I'm sorry about your friends! Is that the same couple I heard about on the news?

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