Monday, February 21, 2011

House keeping

I started this blog with the intentions of keeping our family and friends updated with the comings and goings of our lives and also to reach out to any families that might have a child with a hand difference. Through the world of blogging I had the opportunity to connect with an awesome family in a similar situation as ours related to the hand difference. As much as I love to tell Amelia's story and the mundane things that happen within our family, I am a little wierded out by some of the followers I have drawn attention to. Most of the followers that read my blog I know personally. I look at all the profiles of my followers. If your profile appears shady I have blocked you. For those of you that wish to follow my blog, please leave a comment. I may eventually go private, but hopefully weeding out some people will solve that issue. Thanks for understanding.

4 Talk to Me:

Larsen Family

im sorry you have bad followers. I love reading when you update and I am so thankful for your blog. Meeting you and your family was amazing and I'm so grateful for your willingness to share your daughter's story with us. It made all the difference! so in other words...i want to be added if you go private

Tony and Lindsay

I read your blog! :) Your girlies are so cute!


I read it! I love it!


I love seeing how big the girls are getting! Yes, please keep as a follower if you decide to go private.

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