Saturday, March 19, 2011

Not Your Average Guitar Player

Several weeks ago, the Hands Down support group we belong to had an auction to raise money for hand camp. Brad saw a cd from guitar player Tony Memmel he thought he might like and bid on it. And today we met with some of our Hands Down support group families in Grapevine to see him play some live music. Obviously, he is not your typical guitar player. I really wished I could have experienced this with my brother. I think he would have enjoyed it. So, if you are reading, Jonathan, I wish you could have been able to go with us! This absolutely just proves that there are no limits for people with limb differences. He can play a variety of instruments, including the piano, and also played baseball while growing up. He said it took him 8 years to perfect the way he holds a guitar pick. That's what I call persistance. It was funny hearing some of the kids ask him questions like could he build with Legos and if was he a master of video games. And because no one ever told him he couldn't do something, he never put limits on himself.

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