Friday, May 6, 2011

A Girl After Her Mimi's Heart

It was only a matter of time--Amelia's first mani/pedi. My mom has been dying to take her since her departure from the womb I think. I'm pretty sure Amelia liked it because my mom said the first thing Amelia said when getting back in the car was that she wanted to do it again soon. It's nice to know that Amelia is learning good grooming habits early. She likes to go with us (and yes, I'm including Brad too) when we get our eyebrows waxed. She asked me if she had to go in the little room to have her nails done. I thought that was funny. Oh, and if you're wondering, Holly didn't even notice her left hand!

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Glad to see Amelia stopped biting her nails to enjoy her mani/pedi :)

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