Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Again, I Should Win An Award...

For the worst Aunt ever! Happy 11th birthday Cousin Parker (one day late)! I don't have a recent picture to post of him (besides the ones with Amelia in a previous post), but check out The Thompson Five blog to see my precious nephew. Can I still use the word "precious" when kids turn 11 years old?

Brad and I had our first date 3 days before Parker was born. He just talked and talked about his impending arrival. He was so excited that he took me on our second date to meet him and his ENTIRE family. I just remember someone asking me if I wanted to hold him, and before I could answer, he was shoved in my arms. Again, so precious.

Love you Parker. Hope you had a great day!! And, as they say, "The checks in the mail!"

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Thompson 5
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Thompson 5

Ahhhhh!! That was too sweet of you to post about Parker. He's already asleep but I'll be sure and show him first thing in the am! Love ya!!

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