Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Something Stinks

Finally, the Halloween post everyone has been requesting. Well, not really, but it makes me feel better thinking I have been bombarded with requests for Halloween pictures. You may be asking why Amelia was a skunk this year. I decided that she has the rest of her life to request being something "princess-y" or girly for Halloween. So, until she can tell me what she wants to be I will choose for her. She was hands down the most oogled at, talked about, and photographed kid on the street. And most of those people were complete strangers. She was even videotaped. That kid said "Cheese," more than she's ever said in her life. She had trick or treating down to a science. She would say, "Tika teet, thank you, bye bye." If she saw a dog in the house, well then forget about the candy. She could have cared less.

Thanks so much Grandma Nancy for making Amelia's costume. She still asks for me to put the skunk feet on her every day!

Aren't they cute? Too bad they are related!

Classic Amelia pose below, by the way.

We had a lot of fun going around the neighborhood with Cousin Mason, Jill, and Jonathan. "Auntie" Melissa, AKA Betty Crocker, even came over. She's decided that trick or treating with the kids is waaay more fun than an adult party. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, with as much stuff as I had to carry, I say it takes a village to take my kid trick or treating. Thanks Melissa for coming over, and buying my house Halloween candy to pass out! And a shout out to my mom and dad for passing out candy at my house, too!

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Thompson 5

I think we've started a GREAT Thompson tradition! Amelia makes an adorable skunk. I love the pic with you guys!! Great one to frame!! Love ya!


Love the pictures! She really did have the cutest costume and of course she made it even cuter!


That's the cutest skunk I've ever seen.


I must say that skunks for halloween are the best! I was a skunk in 2nd grade for halloween :) And what a cute apron "Betty Crocker" is wearing hehe!


That skunk tail is the best!!!! LOVE IT!!


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