Sunday, October 5, 2008

Amelia Gets Cousin Lovin'

We went to Oklahoma again this weekend for another football game. Well, Brad went to the game and Amelia spent some quality time with her cousins. Parker is almost 11 (holy cow!!) and Olivia is 5. Amelia has always looked like she could be the 4th kid in their family. This is Amelia's classic look lately--the pucker.
Blowing kisses.
Easton, 6, is such a helper. He enjoyed holding Amelia's hand when she had to go on the curbs and in the gravel.
It's so funny to hear all of them talking about her "broked thumb" or her broken arm. They loved showing her off at their soccer game. They are all still trying to process her surgery I think. Olivia asked me if Amelia had bones in her thumb now. I told her yes and that she was going to have the coolest hand she had ever seen. She was really excited about that and then she told Grandma about Amelia having a cool hand soon. So sweet!

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