Thursday, October 9, 2008

13 Days...

of cast-wearing left! Whoo hoo! Not that we are very excited around here or anything.

I have no new pictures of Amelia to post, so I thought I would give a little update on some new things she is doing:

1. EATING!!! Shocking, I know.
2. Repeating EVERYTHING you say. Her favorite spontaneous thing to say now is "No, no."
3. Dancing anywhere she feels like getting her groove on. Including the shoe store at the mall. We hope Amelia doesn't make this a profession one day. You know, like in a place where you say you are making money at night for law school or something.
4. Saving me $85 a week--the physical therapist said Tuesday that Amelia is age-appropriate for her motor skills. YAY Amelia!!
5. Saying her name--Amama. So cute!

She is so fun now. I love teaching her things and seeing that she is "getting it." She shows me something new everyday that she has learned. Love her!
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