Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Extreme Makeover--Amelia Edition

So, here they of Amelia's new thumb! She looks very sad in the picture below with our surgeon, Dr. Ezaki, but trust me, Amelia was so excited about getting her cast off. She was so brave and once again sat incredibly still during the unwrapping. The physician's assistant was in the middle of rigging up something to keep the cast on one more week, but Dr. Ezaki came to the rescue and agreed that one week really wouldn't make a difference. Plus everyone assumed the pin had fallen out and there was no point in waiting one more week. It was buried in all of the gauze in the first cast. She has a rockin' new purple splint that daddy says brings out the blue in her eyes. It's all about keeping things fashionable around our house!

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YEAH!! I am so glad she was able to get her cast off a week early. She looks fabulous and I am sure she is already in action and keeping you on your toes! =)


Oh my goodness, Catherine. Her hand looks awesome!!! I'm also so excited that she got her cast off. She was such a trooper! Mason and I had a lot of fun yesterday. Can't wait to hang out again!

Thompson 5

"I love you, I hope you feel better Amelia!" says cousin Olivia.
"I hope your booboo feels better Amelia." from cousin Easton.
We think she looks BE-utiful! Love the piggy tales!! :):)

Kellie and Troy

Her hand looks so good. I am amazed the abilities that God has given us. Her surgeon did a wondeful job. We will continue to pray that her hand heals completely!


YAY!!!! I can't wait to see her! I think you said she was going to be gone next Wednesday :O(

Hurry back Amelia! I need a hug and a pucker face!!!

Ms. Maria


Hey Catherine,
Melissa told me about your blog...Amelia is too cute! I saw this update on a caringbridge site I found...apparently this little boy Owen had the same finger surgery as Amelia. Just thought you might be interested in reading the mom's update now that he's 5.


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