Monday, October 13, 2008

I Love Surprises

I really do. Especially the sparkly kind of surprise that involves diamonds. However, the past couple of surprises I have received have not been that kind. If you remember, I got one several weeks ago that involved a surgery 5 weeks before it was originally supposed to occur. The other one happened last night. That one consisted of Brad finding a really cute pink camo covered cast lying in the hallway. THE.CAST.FELL.OFF.

This is what I heard as I was standing in Amelia's closet hanging up her clothes:

Brad: OH.MY.GOSH.CATHERINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! What happened?
Brad: Call Scottish Rite. Her cast came off.

And then I turned around and saw my sweet little girl's left hand, still not registering that the cast wasn't there, I screamed bloody murder thinking there was something attacking her hand. After I recovered from my heart attack and grabbed my screaming child who seemed to be in the midst of having a heart attack herself, we headed off to SR.

I am sure you are wondering what her hand looked like, etc. etc. I looked, but I kind of had that feeling about how your mom always warned you to not look at the sun too long or it would burn up your eyeballs. But I looked a few times, and truthfully, it looks good. There are still a few little bandages covering the incision. She has no muscle tone in her arm and it is really dried out. She moved her 3 fingers, but she was really frustrated with not being able to move her thumb due to the pin still in place. Brad told her when she looked at it that that was her new thumb. She kept saying, "No." They recasted it as a precaution and off we went.

On the way home I had another conversation that went something like this:

Me: Hey God. Are you trying to teach me something AGAIN?
God: Yes, do you know what it is?
Me: I think so. But you know I really hate that verse you keep trying to pound into my head.
God: You must be referring to Matthew 6:34 about not worrying.
Me: Yep. That's the one. You knew I was worried about how her hand would look when the cast came off, huh?
God: Of course. But you seemed to have handled it well.
Me: Can you maybe next time not let something this dramatic happen when you are trying to teach me something, please? I freaked out a little bit.
God: Maybe you should just work on not panicing so much.
Me: Ok, I'll it my best shot.

We are going back to SR on Wednesday to meet with the team, and hopefully the cast will be removed for good. We'll keep you posted!

No pictures for now. She is in serious need of a manicure!

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So sorry you had such a scare, but so happy that you see God's work in all situations!!

Thompson 5

Okay, I know it wasn't funny, but I am cracking up!! It's kind of like watching someone get hurt. It's not funny that they're hurt but their reaction is enough to win the million on Americas Funniest Home Video. What really makes me laugh is she's only 18mo. Ha!! You guys are in for some funny stuff!!

The McDowells

Yikes! I would of screamed too! Poor Amelia!


That is so crazy! I'm glad everything worked out, though. Hopefully she can get it taken off for good on Wednesday!


Oh my! I would have freaked out too. I am glad it worked out ok. Hope she gets it off for good on Wednesday.

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