Friday, October 10, 2008

A Few Thousand Bees and Some Pumpkins Too

Today was our first visit of the fall to the pumpkin patch. Apparently the bees knew the place to be today too. We managed not to get stung, though, and had a great time.

You know how you dream of the perfect picture where your child is sitting in mounds of pumpkins giving you that angelic smile she so often does at home? Well today, not so much.

This is pretty much the look I got today from her.
And this. Yet again.
No Amelia. Smile pretty like you did last year. Remember?
Or take a few tips from Mason.
Oh well. There are more pumpkins to be seen and more photo opportunities to seize.

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Your entry pretty much summed up our day! I'm sure we looked pretty comical trying to get our kids to smile! I love the pic from last year. Can you believe how much she has grown!

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