Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Met My Husband Online, Sort Of

I had my first date with Brad 11 years ago today. He probably couldn't tell you the EXACT date, but I would guess he'd be pretty close. This is our first picture taken together one month after that first date. I would almost guarantee that when this picture was taken I knew I would marry him.The story of how we met is very long, but for those of you that know us well you know how it all unfolded. Thanks for asking me out Brad...even if it was by email. And thanks Asian girl in the OSU library that showed me how to reply to that email. I love you, Brad!

2 Talk to Me:


"thanks Asian girl..." Now THAT'S funny!


I love the picture of you and Brad. I also don't know if I knew the details of how he asked you out. Pretty funny!

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