Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Should've Been an OT

I can only promise you one thing with this's boring. And I really try to keep my promises.

Amelia continues to use her left hand more every day. She's waving, holding her cup with both hands, giving high fives, and turning pages in books. I feel like I say "Use both hands," about a thousand times a day. Brad and I feel we are getting a very rough education on becoming occupational therapists though. We have resorted to bribery around here too to get things done. She may have 7 cavities the first time she goes to the dentist from all of the M&Ms. But if that is what it takes to get her to use her thumb, there's nothing like a little sedation dentistry that won't do the trick.
We went to the library today. She really could've cared less about the books. The outlet covers in the floor and elevator buttons were a hit. I didn't want to bust out the camera for those pictures, so just pretend like she was into the books the whole time.

She's also into phones, too. EVERYTHING is a phone, including the M&Ms.

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Cute! I love all of the pictures. I also really like her brown striped shirt and leopard print bow. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!


7 cavities? I just read a post that said their child had 6, and I thought that was too much. Oh, kids these days. They even had to use the methods of sedation dentistry. Las Vegas was where my kids had their first taste of sedation. The dentists had to place dental implants on them because of missing teeth. Those dentists in Las Vegas were pretty credible for me, so I believed their every explanation of what was going to happen. I hope they don't get that many cavities, though.

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