Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm a Celebrity in Chinatown

This picture pretty much sums up how I spent my time in NYC. It was music to my ears being solicited with the phrase "ChanelGucciPradaCoach" about 7,246 times a minute. We felt like it was a little piece of heaven when the lights were turned on in pitch black secret rooms and all we could see were 4 walls of purses from floor to ceiling. Not so much a piece of heaven when we went in vans parked on the street. We made such an impression on everyone down there that we were recognized by 5 different people (Chinese purse pimps, as I like to call them) on the third day we shopped there.

We even found time to squeeze in a musical (Mary Poppins) during our shopping. Most delightful, I must say (to be read in a British accent). I am sure we offended some people with our most impressive British accents after the play, but we got a good laugh out of ourselves. Keri even danced a little jig in the hotel hallway for me and Sarah to top off the evening.

It was so, so fun. And of course I must give HUGE props to my amazing hubby for handling everything while I was gone--without taking off work. I don't think Amelia even missed me one bit. And if you are curious, we ended up with 25 purses between the 3 of us.

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