Thursday, January 8, 2009

Confessions of a Blog Stalker, Part 2

Most of you know that the main reason I started this blog was to keep our family and friends infomed about the everyday happenings in our lives, plus I was being bullied by others to start a blog. Kidding. Another reason was because I hoped that one day someone would find my blog because they had a child going through a similar situation as Amelia. I am so excited to say that this has finally happened! Of course, I never wanted another family to have to experience the same grief and sadness we did when Amelia was diagnosed with Radial Dysplasia, but I was hoping that I could be a resource to anyone that might need me. So, if anyone else finds me one day, please know that I would love to have you contact me. You are not alone.

2 Talk to Me:


Hi Catherine,
My name is Angelyn from Phoenix AZ. My child has a similar situation like your Amelia had. I found your blog while I was searching about radial hand club. I'd say your blog gave me so much inspiration and source of strength to go through with this. I hope you will be willing to talk to me as it would really help me a lot. Thank you.


Hi Catherine,

My nephew was born 10 days ago with Radial Dysplasia. My sister and her husband are devastated and in total shock. I have been searching the internet to see if there are others that have been through what my sister is experiencing and i came across this site. I hope you are willing to write me as there is a lot of sadness in my family right now.

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