Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not So Sweet Revenge

So yesterday I cut the tip off the paci. Cold turkey, folks. We are all about just ripping the band-aid off around here. Naptime was shorter than usual but without any meltdowns. Going to bed last night was also easy. However, when I got her out of bed this morning there was barf everywhere. Do you think she was getting even?

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Poor sweet Amelia! I missed her very much today and was looking forward to seeing her. We still have a paci at school...think I'll wait to give the ole' snipperoo!! :O) See ya next week!!

Larsen Family

OMG...That is hilarious. I cut off the end of Makenna's binky and she wanted it for about a minute until she realized it was "broken". Bedtime and nap time were shorter for awhile but there wasn't anything horrible. But that first night she threw up all over her bed. it was so bad! The joys of growing up

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