Saturday, February 28, 2009

It Pays to be an Blog Stalker

Yesterday we had an amazing lunch with our new "internet friends" as Brad likes to call them. I have no pictures because I have a ginormous camera that I refuse to tote around for these kinds of events. Anyhow, Brad and I met Jennifer and Tyler and their two precious cuties Bryn and Makenna in OKC for lunch. Jennifer found my blog recently while she was researching pollicization as their daughter Bryn was born without thumbs in November. Of course I suggested Ted's.

It was so great being able to show off the miracle of medical science that can be performed for kiddos who have undergone pollicization. And, it's great to be asked if a picture of Amelia's hand can be taken so that they can show it off to their family because it looks so good. We had a great time visiting, picking up crayons, and keeping our kids from acting like banshees at the restaurant. Kidding, but we did have a really great time! I know that the decisions that are going to have to be made with Bryn won't be easy. It was so rewarding for me too to talk to Jennifer and Tyler about our journey. And I think it was a relief to Tyler to know that we weren't axe murderers.

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Larsen Family

yes. tyler was glad to know that. haha. it was fun trying to contain the kids...especially mine! haha


How awesome! I went and checked out their blog too!! It's amazing the friends you can make through blogging. I am supposed to get together with a blogger friend up in Edmond soon!! Blogging really can be a huge blessing!! :-)

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