Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I've Been Reprimanded

I was yelled at about not updating my blog---Melissa, I'm talking about you!

We have been doing a whole lot of nothing lately. Amelia is still up to her old tricks of kissing boys at school, saying "Mommy hold you" 4 million times a day, and singing 24/7. According to her, the alphabet only goes to the letter G. It's almost like a cd that skips when she gets to that letter, but it's still very cute. I am giddy with excitement that she will be going to school twice a week next year. I thought 3 days might be overkill, and I think I might miss her just a teeny tiny bit too. Her preferred food of choice these days is still nothing. Whenever I ask her what she wants to eat she says "Apple juice." At least she can tell me what she wants.

She definitely has a love for Jesus. This kid loves to pray. She prayed at dinner the other night about 17 times, and the next day she wanted to pray in the aisle of Michael's. She even wanted the floral decorator there to pray with her. She is also becoming very involved in our church services by shouting "Yay Grandad," when he leads singing. She heard him this past Sunday say something about a new song during his communion talk and she shouted "New song" and then proceeded to do the motions to The Wheels on the Bus. Needless to say she is going to the nursery earlier and earlier every week. I've decided that Amelia may need to go on the show Intervention to deal with her addiction to Elmo, too.

I have been feeling crafty lately and even made Jill something for her birthday. I cannot disclose what that is yet until I give it to her. But I have to say I think it is super cute. I will post a pic later.

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