Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day at the Lake

We met the Thompsons at the lake this weekend. Since Amelia is a Thompson, it was time to introduce her to the long-standing family tradition of spending weekends at the lake. Really, it just consists of a day trip.

She was not a fan of the jet skis at first.

She warmed up to the idea of it more when Brad and I took her out. She pretty much sat there like a mushroom, but she would occasionally say, "Go go daddy!"

Her favorite part of the day was scooping "dirt" with a plastic spoon and filling up a bucket.

She even talked Parker and his cousin Sawyer in on the fun.

And Easton, too. She squatted like this for about 30 minutes before sitting down. She really is not a fan of getting dirty.

She swam like a fish, too. All of the family was impressed with her new skills. Hopefully, she will show those off tomorrow at swim class.

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