Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's A Baby...

Girl! The initial educated guess was right! The pics I have aren't great, but hopefully the perinatologist's 20 week sono pics will be better next week for me to post. Amelia went with us and loved hearing the heartbeat (always exciting to us, too). The sonographer thought everything looked healthy and normal so far!

5 Talk to Me:


Yeah! A little baby girl doll for Amelia to play with!
They will be wonderful sisters and great friends!

Chris and Kristin

Congrats, Catherine and Brad!! I can't wait to see how adorable she's going to be!

Larsen Family

CONGRATS!!! 2 girls can be so fun! Can be...haha! Nope they will be best of friends when they are older. Congrats. Plus you can use the clothes again. You have spent a lot of money on Amelia's adorable clothes!

The McDowells

Congratulations! That is great news!


Congratulations!! I know Amelia will show her all the girlie things to do.

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