Sunday, August 23, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Saturday night we went to the Rough Riders game. It was Amelia's first time to go to a baseball game. She kept yelling, "Yay baseball game!" She had no idea what we were doing. I think she was just excited to go somewhere. She asked me if daddy was going to hit a homerun like he did recently at his softball game. I told her his fantasy of being a professional ball player was long gone. I digress... Anyway, she enjoyed running around and entertaining us with her funny faces for 99% of the night. She may have even picked up a few tips from her dad.

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The McDowells

Seth and Charlie were at that game too!


I love Amelia's huge smile! I can't get over how shiny and blonde her hair looks in the previous post--it looks so pretty.
p.s. Jonathan appreciated your comment about the Ninja Turtle.

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