Monday, October 12, 2009

For Bryn

Dear Bryn,

Tomorrow is a big, big day for you! I know your mommy, daddy, and the rest of your family are really nervous, but they just want what's best for you. They had a hard time making this decision for you just like my mommy and daddy did. Just remember to show them how brave you are and it will totally make them feel so much better. And, it helps to do silly things when the doctors give you the "goofy juice" before you go into surgery. If your mommy and daddy cry, give them lots of hugs and kisses. I know Dr. Rayan will take extra good care of you. He's done this a million times and is really great at what he does. Even my doctor said so. Trust me--this new thumb is going to ROCK!


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Larsen Family

Thank you!

Larsen Family

she did do goofy things for us. we have even gotten a few smiles since surgery. she is an amazing little girl. thank you so much for all you do!!! thank you for your spuport.

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