Thursday, October 22, 2009

No News is No News

Phrase of the month: "I'm in denial."

Surely I cannot be having a baby in 19 days. Not me. It has to be someone else, because if I were having a baby in 19 days I wouldn't be sitting here doing a blog post when I should be doing much more productive things like cleaning out a closet or organizing a drawer or washing clothes in Dreft (yeah, right.) You know, things you do to prepare for a baby.

But it seems as if I really am having a baby in 19 days. I mean, the scale tells me I have gained a ridiculous amount of weight, my clothes are shrinking, and I am getting up at least twice during the night to pee. And to top it all off, my feet hurt. Really bad.

So to answer everyone's question, "Are you getting excited?", no, I'm not. I am strangely enjoying being in denial for now.
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