Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And I thought the "Why" questions were hard to answer

Amelia likes to sing. Alot. Like non-stop. Every night before bed we sing. Tonight was no exception. I sang "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and sang the verse about Jesus dying for all the little children. She asked me why he died, so I answered it. Then she asked me what God looks like. She wanted to know where God lives. I tried my best to tackle the heaven thing. She wanted to know if Ella would be there. I said yes, and then she asked me if we would need to take Ella's stroller. She wanted to know if God would drive a car. Then she asked me if God would have hands. I said that he would. She wanted to know if they would be big. I said I didn't know. She asked if his hands would be perfect like hers and she held both of her hands out to show me. I almost cried. Then she explained that she might be a little bit scared when she got there. I told her that we only feel happy when we are in heaven. She told me she would tell God her name was Amelia and I told her he would know her name and would be happy to see her. She wanted to know if her friends would be there. She wanted to know if God would play with her. Then when Brad went up to tell her good night she asked him if God would have whiskers.
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