Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eight is Great

Eight months. Four more months until she's one. Four more months of formula. Four more months of washing bottles. Four more months until I am in the corner rocking back and forth wondering where time has gone. Ella, you are definitely NOT your big sister. You are in to EVERYTHING. If that's even possible for an 8 month old. She's crawling everywhere. She eats anything she can get in her mouth. She pulls cords out of sockets. She eats electrical cords. She licks the door stop. She pulls up in her bed. She eats the rails. She pulls up on people. She eats. Definitely not her big sister. She's got 2 sharp chompers and is working on a third. She's still eating baby food, but loves bread, puffs, yogurt bites, cheerioes. Her favorite sound is "dadada", but he is not her favorite person. I mean, he'll do in a pinch, but she prefers me. And to her I'm "dadada." Whatever. And she still barfs. What else is new?

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