Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

Ella is getting 2 more teeth. We've been pumping her full of Tylenol any time she cries. Don't judge. Whining is annoying around here.

She also climbed up about 5 stairs tonight. Brad helped her a little. I had a small heart attack as she was doing it.

Amelia used the words "shortcut" and "detour" today. Where does she learn these things? And if I recall, they were used appropriately in her sentences.

Ella is now wearing 12-18 month clothes. I bought them matching skirts yesterday for fall/winter. Ella's is a size 18 months. Amelia's is a size 24 months. Something is seriously wrong with that.

We are having to lock Amelia in her bedroom every night. Shockingly, I think she's ok with that.

We've lived in our house almost 5 years. That's longer than any other place I've lived since I've been married.

I just threw out all my needles and fertilitity medicine that I had in a cabinet in my laundry room the other day. I was a little emotional about it to be honest.

In one store on Friday, 3 people thought Ella was a boy.

Amelia told me I was being a turd tonight. I couldn't help but laugh. I really need to watch what I say. Brad wanted to know why I should start now when I haven't cared before. Oops!

I've already been thinking about Halloween costumes. Crazy, right? I want to do something as a pair. I was thinking Little Bo Peep and a sheep. I don't know though. I would love to hear suggestions.

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Fun post!!! Maybe you should try the cupcake again this year...not sure what goes with it though!!

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