Monday, November 22, 2010

Scottish Rite is good, but not THIS good

I love handprint pictures Amelia makes at school. They are pretty much the only ones I keep of the crafts she does there. The day she made this her teacher pulled me aside and told me she wanted my opinion on something. I had informed her of Amelia's hand difference a few weeks before and felt so idiotic when I found out her teacher hadn't even noticed it. Amelia only having 9 fingers isn't something I go around shouting from the rooftops. Ms. Angela told me they were discussing the colors Amelia wanted the turkey's feathers to be and Amelia noticed her left hand didn't have a red feather and she insisted on it having a red feather. So, her teacher obliged. She just wanted me to know that it was all Amelia's idea. Is this the beginning of Amelia noticing that she has a hand difference? Is this the beginning of Amelia realizing she wishes her hands were like everyone elses? Nope. Plain and simple, she just wanted her left turkey to have a red feather. Nothing more. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Larsen Family

hahaha yup. that is what i was going to say...she just wanted a red feather!


That should teach us adults how to look at things more simply. She got her red feather and was all happy, huh?


I agree with Becky! Such a sweet story! We love Amelia so, so much!! Love you guys! Happy Thanksgiving!

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