Monday, April 25, 2011


Amelia is 4 today. For months, I've been saying, "You need to learn to put on ___ because you're almost 4.; I can't hold you because you're almost 4 and you can walk; When you're 4 you can ___." And now she's 4. I love that she dies laughing when she watches Tangled. I love that she makes up silly stories and songs all day long. I love that she gets so excited about something so small. I love that she prays at dinner for God to help her to not get out of her bed every night but yet she still does. I love that she says she's going to be my neighbor after she gets married (which is in a few days by the way). But most of all I love that she is the sweetest, most nurturing daughter in the whole world. Happy birthday Amelia!!!

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