Sunday, April 24, 2011

It Takes a Village to Build a House

About a year ago we thought (which really means I thought) that it would be fun to have a swing set in the backyard. You know, because a pool just isn't enough fun by itself. So we looked around and of course the one I fell in love with was only about $3000. Everything I saw after that looked like junk. So, we scrapped that idea. At the same store they had a playhouse Amelia absolutely fell in love with. I thought to myself, "Brad and his dad could totally whip that bad boy out in a few days." His parents' neighbor's little girl has a playhouse in her backyard that seemed to be the perfect size, so plans were ordered, and this weekend Brad, his dad, and his mom poured blood, sweat, and tears (and maybe a little yelling at one another, myself included) and built a house for Amelia and Ella. To say the girls were excited is an understatement. All it needs now is some paint and some decorating. My mom always told me to marry someone with a tool box and it's even better that my in-laws are crafty too. We absolutely could not have done this without them! I'm looking forward to watching them play in it for many years to come.

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That looks awesome! Your girls are going to have so much fun playing in it. Wish you guys could have been with your parents last week. We miss you all!

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