Monday, September 5, 2011

End of Summer Soirees

We party when all the big kids are back in school. And by party, I mean Gatti Town and the Aquarium.

We were one of the very few at Gatti Town the day we went. Most of the other people were people on their lunch breaks from work with no kids. Weird.

We love the Aquarium because there is so much more to see than just fish. The girls liked seeing the monkeys, feeding the birds, and of course they liked all the fish as well.

We are all super excited about school starting tomorrow. We successfully met the teachers and Ella didn't hit/shove/bite any other kids during our visit, which is always a good sign. And, Amelia has 3 other girls in her class for a change!

It was the longest summer of my life, and we all almost melted. Here's to cooler temperatures and lots of learning!

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