Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Her Imagination is Getting Out of Control

Another day, another story about all the toys we have that we don't need. Amelia worked on this monstrosity for an hour tonight. It's her new house she built for her and her husband Austin. Duh, didn't you hear she got married? He rode in the car with us yesterday and today. They held hands at dinner tonight (which was so funny because she had one arm stretched out toward an empty chair at the table with her hand kind of curled over an open space), they shared a roll, and she said he was sleeping in her bed tonight with her. At least they're married right, because I just might have died if they weren't. Brad told her she needed to clean up before bed. She argued that nobody was coming over tonight so her house had to stay put. Lord help me. I'm too young to be a mother-in-law already.

2 Talk to Me:


That is the best story. Quinn's first wife was in Kindergarten...so although it is tough to be a m-i-l so young, you will survive..I promise.


Love it! That girl does have an imagination. Boys and girls are sooooo different!

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